The Stories Behind the Treasures of World War II...The Making of a Collectorholic Series

The Stories Behind the Treasures of World War II

"The Making of a Collectorholic" Vol. II





The tremendous feedback and more than 60 positive reviews on Amazon for
Volume I, have served as an incredible motivation for me to continue to write my
collectors stories!
I am very happy to tell you that Volume II has now arrived and is ready to be ordered. I am very pleased to offer you more pages, pictures and stories than appeared in Volume I. You’ll also be happy to know that I have been able to keep the price the same. If you already have a copy of Volume I, go ahead and order Volume II and I shall be sure to assign you the exact same number you had for Volume I. If you have not yet ordered Volume I, here is a great opportunity to pick up both volumes which I shall sign, personalize and number for you.
Each volume is $89.95 plus postage so figure $100 even, for priority mail in the US, and $150, for each volume that is mailed to an address outside the US.  If you are ordering more than one volume, there will be a break on shipping.  Just contact us for details!!
Here is the outline for Volume II. Many of the stories have anecdotal titles which should stimulate your interest in wanting to discover what treasures will be revealed when you read the story and see the vivid photography.


DEDICATION to Jack Staehle and Phyllis “Auntie Phe” Hughes
  •  A Very Special 1933 National Party Day Rally Pin for Adolf Hitler
  •  The Führer’s Head was Headed to the Scrap Heap
  •  Souvenirs Come in all Shapes, Sizes and Weights-This One Happens to be Big-Marble Profile of Adolf Hitler
  • ADOLF HITLER Silver Picture Frame from The Braunes Haus
  • Joachim von Ribbentrop’s Waffen-SS Visor Cap Has a Story to Tell
  • Stairway To Heaven...”Treasure Trove” of Adolf Hitler Silverware Right Out of His Kitchen..
  •  Give Him a Call...Adolf Hitler’s Phone Book
  • Pocket Version of Berghof Phone Directory
  •  A Piece of the Action...The Hubcap from Hitler’s Mercedes Benz
  •  Adolf Hitler’s G-4 Mercedes Benz ...If One Is Good, Then Two Is Better
  •  “THIS IS MY LIFE”...Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz’ s Soldbuch
  • “HITLER’S GLADIATOR”...Oberstgruppen führer Sepp Dietrich’s Soldbuch
  •  Hitler’s Special Chauffeur - Julius Schreck
  •  A Simple Postcard...But Oh What A Special Meaning!..From Eva To Gretl Braun
  • Guilty or Not Guilty...Franz von Papen’s Dagger and Party Book...
  • A Pair of Presentation Swords for Franz von Papen
  • Ernst Alexander Paulus...Not Who You Were Thinking of but It Has a Very Personal Meaning to Me.
  •  Personal Items from the Field Marshal Father and the Panzer
  • Officer Son
  •  Parts from Rudolf Hess’s Plane
  •  Christmas Greeting from One Bigwig to Another...Hess to Von Runstedt!
  • A Very Special Set of Crossed Batons
  • More Personal Items from Field Marshall Gerd von Rundstedt
  • General Field Marshall Gerd von Runstedt’s German Cross in Gold
  • My Rendezvous with Hitler’s Adjutant Otto G ünsche...Just a few photographs but what a special event.
  • Collecting Fritz Sauckel Souvenirs Must Have Been Very Popular
  • Fritz Sauckel’s SS Visor Cap
  • Fritz Sauckel’s SS Honor Ring
  • The Flag from Fritz Sauckel’s Headquarters in Weimar
  •  Alfred Rosenburg-The Ultimate NAZI
  •  Generalfeldmarschall Wolfram Freiherr von Richthofen’s Gold Spanish Cross with Brilliants
  •  Wilhelm Osterhold’s Knight’s Cross
  • My First HermannGöring Artifact Was a Godsend
  • Hermann Göring’s Unique Collar Tabs
  • Hermann Göring for President
  • Reichsmarschall   Göring’s Summer Tunic
  •  Reichsmarschall Göring’s Picture Frame from Carinhall  to Aladdin’s “Treasure Cave”
  • Reichsmarschall Göring’s Table has Legs for Walking Around
  • Reichsmarschall Göring’s Cigarette Case
  • Cigars Befitting a Reichsmarschall...Herman G öring’s   Special Brand of Cigars.
  •  Hermann Göring was a Collector Too!  The Incredible Baton Right Out of Göring’s Secret Cave
  • Hermann Göring’s Art Collection Sign
  • Hermann Göring’s Hunting Cutlass
  • Was Göring Actually an “Indian Giver”?
  • Hermann Göring’s Flight and Driver’s Licenses
  • Hermann Göring’s Primping Mirror
  • Hermann Göring’s Alligator Skin Wallet
  • Door Plate from Hermann Göring’s Office
  • Frau Göring was also a Celebrity
  • Hermann Göring’s Dagger is a Reproduction...The Unique von Rosen Dagger
  • Hermann Göring at Nuremberg
  • A Hint of Things to Come...More Hermann Göring Artifacts; This Time Brought Home by “The Bastogne Kid”
  • Hermann Göring’s Luftwaffe Feldmarshall Erhard Milch
  •  Other Milch Souvenirs
  • Feldmarschall
  • Fedor von Boch
  • Army Generalobersts
  • Heinz Guderian...Army
  • Alfred Jodl...Army
  • Günter Rüdel...Luftwaffe
  • Full Generals
  • Karl Allmendinger...Army
  • Joachim Coeler...Luftwaffe
  • Ludwig Crüwell...Army
  • Karl Kriebel...Army
  • Walter Nehring...Army
  • Eduard Wagner...Army
  • Generalleutnant
  • Dr. Ing Wilhelm Meise
  • Generalmajor
  • Generalrichter Dr. Alfred Grün
  • Dr. Eduard Richters
  • Rudolf von Xylander
  • Headgear
  • Edged Weapons
  • Insignia
  • Vehicles
  • Certificates...War Trophy Registration Forms
  • What You Have Missed If You Do Not Have a Copy of Volume I
  • What you have to look forward to in future Volume(s)


This is what people are already saying about Bill Shea's Vol. II of "The Stories Behind the Treasures of World War II - The Making of a Collectorholic"...


Hi Bill, Well Sir, you caused me some very late bedtimes and resulting sleep deficit due to your very wonderful Volume II. Just like with Volume I, I had to go cover to cover reading every word on every page while intently studying all of the photos. Incredible work Bill. Thank you so very much for all of the pure joy your books brought to me as well as to collectors young and old. The stories are mesmerizing and the professional quality of the photos is incredible. I could only dream of experiencing the amazing rare and historical pieces you preserve in your "inner sanctum". Thank you for having the love and dedication to preserving and safeguarding such historical treasures and for sharing them with others through your books. Like many others, I will be eagerly and impatiently anticipating Volume III (no pressure to hurry or anything mind you). Thanks again. With great respect.--Vince

Received Vol II of your book, it is more awesome than I expected.  Thank you to whomever took the order of the book…my Daughter told me customer service was friendly and awesome…Thank you--Jeff P
Once again Bill Shea has produced a true masterpiece in publishing. EVERYTHING about this book is absolutely SUPERB from the personalities chosen covered, the amazing artifacts shown, the QUALITY of photography and printing and a superbly interesting text. I own or have owned a dozen or more books of this type but except for Vol. 1 in this series not one of them comes close to the overall quality of this book. The artifacts and photographs chosen are a real treat for the eyes. The medals, badges, swords, insignia and period photographs are museum quality in every respect. As a retired historian and museum curator I especially enjoyed the last section in the book which shows dozens of photographs of the GI's with their newly acquired war trophies to be taken home and treasured for the rest of their lives. I heartily recommend this book (and Vol. 1 as well) to anyone with an interest in military collectibles and or the WW-II ETO. It is both a visual treat and a learning experience not to be missed!--Jack I
You might think that it can't get any better than Joachim Von Ribbentrop's Waffen SS visor cap...In a follow-up to his first volume, Bill Shea’s collecting saga literally picks up at page 350 with the journey plateauing at stellar veteran-acquired relics countless times. While it would be hard for anyone to match — not to mention, surpass what was featured in Volume One, — Bill’s newest book will leave your jaw on the floor!--John AG
Such a fun time taking the collectorholics journey through such interesting vignettes. When I grow up I wanna be Bill Shea! Realistically, that can never happen because those old days of collecting and finding the rare treasure in hotel buys are pretty much over but for a new collector like myself, I can relive those days through Bill's words and stories. Bill writes his fabulous stories like he's right there next to you just reminiscing about those golden days of treasure hunting and you are along for the ride with jaw agape. Another thoroughly engaging book. You will want to get both volumes and eagerly await the next!--Ben L
My bride is enjoying the sunshine in Phoenix this week, so what is a guy to do?Drunkenness and debauchery, you say? Close. I'm on my third extra dry dirty vodka martini and salivating over Bill Shea's just-released Volume 2 of his collectorholic series. 
Every one of his reminiscences would be a dream come true for me...Now all I need is a pizza --Roy A
“Don” Bill Shea-Bringing History Alive!
To Keep it simple, easy to understand, and truthful, all I have to save is when you saw “The Godfather” and thought of it great, that was Bill’s first Book.  Then “The Godfather II” came out and you were “BLOWN AWAY”!!!!  That’s Bill’s Volume II!  YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?????—Richie T


Once again Bill Shea brings to life the magnificent treasures of WWII. Truly goes the saying, "To the victors go the spoils". I had a wonderful time reading this book and it's nice to know there are others out there that have been bitten by the collecting bug. Thanks Bill.-Rick D
Greetings Bill, Hope all is well with you & the Family Shea.Just wanted to let you know that Vol. 2 arrived on Monday. I did not get to begin reading it until Tuesday & I finished it today. There are not enough adjectives to describe how great it was!!! Overall it was informative, lots of fun & a good book to add to a collector's library. Looking forward to Vol. 3.-Terry M
Hi Bill, I have to say I was really impressed with the second volume of your book and enjoyed it thoroughly. What I found particularly interesting were your amazing stories about how you acquired most of the items. To take the time to hunt down all that you have collected over the years must have taken a lot of skill, patience and luck. Its very impressive what you have been able to find and purchase over the years for your collection, keep up the good work! One thing I did notice in the book, on page 624 the item displayed is not a hunting license for Alfred Jodl but rather a membership card for the German Austrian alpine club for the year 1939 showing he was a member of the Section Munich. He must have been quite an avid mountaineer. The reason that I immediately recognized this item is that my grandfather was the head of the Sektion Hanau for many years and was very active in this organization his whole life. He recently gave me all his membership cards, over 40 years worth, although not military items still a cool piece of family history. I myself have been a member of the German Austrian alpine club since 1995, a great organization, they stock and maintain cabins all over the Alps, as well as maintain trails, restore habitat, and teach a lot of great courses promoting ethical climbing and mountaineering practices all over the world. I'd love to come see you guys again soon, I have some more recently acquired family items to share with you including the latest surprise from my dad on Christmas, my great grandfathers WW1 Austrian-Hungarian medals including a Franz Joseph order! Also some other items including more documents and my grandfathers climbing jacket which is actually a BDM kletter veste. Would love to see the rest of your collection too. I will be heading off Cape to the North Shore the week of Jan.22nd to the 26th. If there is a day that works for you guys that week shoot me an e mail and hopefully we can make it work. Happy New Year to the whole gang at The Ruptured Duck. Sincerely, Bengt W
Once again Bill Shea brings to life the magnificent treasures of WWII. Truly goes the saying, "To the victors go the spoils". I had a wonderful time reading this book and it's nice to know there are others out there that have been bitten by the collecting bug. Thanks Bill.-Rick D
I was wanted to send you my upmost thanks you for book vol 2 I have just spent all day Saturday reading it over and over your wealth of knowledge is amazing thank you so much for shearing your knowledge with us all. I would also like to add that with any item I have got from you, the care in shipping is outstanding. Once again thank you. with warm regards-Malcolm 
Bill, got the book today and words could not describe what I saw when I opened the package and went through the pages. The stories were only topped by the beautiful pictures. You gave me the opportunity to see items that I will never own and stories that brought everything together. I spent the last 5 hours going through the book and just scratched the surface. Thank you again for sharing-John 


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