The Stories Behind the Treasures of World War II

This is what people are saying about Bill Shea's first published book "The Stories Behind the Treasures of World War II - The Making of a Collectorholic"


I received your new book. Thank you so much for the autographed copy. That was very nice of you. I sat there salivating at your collection. Great photographs. It is really put together well, It dispels the myth that we collectors are a bunch of neo-nazis. I can't wait for the additional volumes.  - Ray B., AZ

WOW! I tried you on the phone today but it has been busy- no doubt overwhelmed with congratulations. It is a great book-the best I have seen. Your text is really good about how you have done all of this and the people involved. I particularly liked your provenance stories- the History of your Hitler shirt and all the others. I am blown away by how well done it is.  - Ken R., MA

I came home this afternoon and saw a package waiting for me. I was surprised to see the book that you sent. I had been thinking it would have been a paperback one so I was impressed. Thanks for putting in the story about my dad and the helmets history. I very happy with the book and can't wait to show it to my brothers. My older brother took the helmet to his grandson's school to show it off. Thanks again.  - Doug J., MN

The book is better than sex! Just ask my wife? Thanks.  – Steve G., WA

Book arrived yesterday, up most of night reading it. Great stuff. Many thanks.  - Mike S., Australia


I just had to compliment Bill on his outstanding book. Wow! Wonderful work! The only problem I had with the book is that it made me lose quite a bit of sleep as I could not stop reading the stories and looking at the photos. Eagerly looking forward to the next volume. Thank you for your wonderful effort.  - Vince Y., LA

"Your vast knowledge, endless hours of research and devotion to this time in history are perfectly reflected on each page. I cannot put the book down!"  - Ed B., MA

Hi Bill, I picked up your book at the post office on Friday afternoon and have spent most of my spare time on Friday and Saturday reading it from cover to cover and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a fantastic book, I love the stories about your early days doing shows and picking up stuff. The pictures of the items are also great; love the double page of your old camouflage helmet, in the send home box. I have to order another copy of your book because this one is going into the bookshelf, we want to keep it in pristine condition. - Morten B., Norway