WWII German Army Artillery Combat Tunic

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WWII German Army Artillery Combat Tunic-This combat tunic is produced in dark field grey wool that is in good condition, with some wear and discoloration. There are three or four absolutely pin holes in the body. There is a large hole underneath and behind the right arm, in the area of the armpit. There is another much smaller hole in the same area. There are other holes in the arms and wear as well. There are four pleated pockets with scalloped flaps. There is a five-button closure and all buttons are green finished pebbled metal. There is a dark green badge cloth collar. There are three large moth bites to the collar plus a number of other small nips/holes. There are hand applied, machine woven artillery boards over a green badge cloth backing. The slip-on shoulder straps are for an NCO with the rank of unteroffizer, or sergeant. They are produced in dark green badge cloth with silver NCO tresse around all but the bottom. They have red piping and the button holding them on has the number "6". The early type breast eagle is machine woven in off white cloth over green rayon. It has been hand applied. There are loops for a single badge and a small ribbon bar (which is included). The loops are collector added. The interior is unlined. There are no markings or pockets. There are hooks for a belt. It is a size large. Good condition overall!

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