Spectacular NSKK Enameled Plaque

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Spectacular NSKK Enameled Plaque- This measures approximately 4 ½ inches across and 3 ½ inches high. I wish I knew exactly what it was used for, but I do not. I can tell you that there are three holes for attaching it. This may have been for a car and the holes were meant to attach it either to the radiator or the bumper. This has amazing detail and appeal, as it is a base metal over which the second style NSKK eagle is made of a high-quality silver enamel on a red porcelain background. It has a beautiful patina and certainly a high degree of attraction. The back of the plaque has the large Assmann logo(A). It is currently attached to a red and white string. Be sure to look at the pictures, as I am sure you will share my sentiment regarding its beauty. Overall excellent condition.