WWII German Luftwaffe Officer's Summer Visor Cap

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WWII German Luftwaffe Officer's Summer Visor Cap- This is not only choice as far as condition, it's also scarce and desirable. The white top has a waffle pattern and is removable. It has the usual amount of discoloration one would expect from 70 years of sitting around. The white backed bullion eagle shows beautiful hand embroidery and has been there forever. The silver bullion piping above and below the ribbed center band along with the hand embroidered cockade and wreath are also in choice condition. The silver bullion chin cord is secured by two silver pebbled buttons. The visor has the textbook green underside you like to see on Luftwaffe visor caps. The size 56 liner is a crème colored silk and has a complete rhomboid moisture shield bearing the name of a haberdasher from Leipzig by the name of Julius Müller. This is a top of the liner example of this type piece of headgear.