Incredible Documented WWI Battle Flag Removed From The German Battleship SMS Moltke

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Incredible Documented WWI Battle Flag Removed From The German Heavy Battle Cruiser SMS Moltke..This was a well known German (omit battle) ship of WW1. It was commissioned in 1911 and scuttled on June 21,1919 in Scapa Flow. The flag belonged an officer on the SMS Moltke who took the flag in 1919. His name was Paul Fanger.Fanger, who was later to become an Admiral, was killed in action in April 1945 The flag was given to Günther Bruse who was a German WWII Naval Officer in WWII by Fanger's widow. In 1997 the flag was given to Horst Bredow who was the curator of the U-Boat museum in Germany . This rare flag is double sided and a printed, linen material. The colors are extremely detailed Overall, there are a number of small vintage repairs and one larger repair done a very long time ago along with some extra loops which may have been for dispalying in the museum. It measures approximately 58"x 84" (140cm x 215cm). We shall include the original letter from Bruse to Bredow along with a translation  with all of these details. GREAT PEDIGREE! Overall condition is V.G. Remember this flag is 100 years old!