Army Officer’s Lionhead Sword, Model 1017, RARE Art Deco

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The hilt design is illustrated in the Angolia Sword Book, page 85 and is from my personal collection!  Needless to say, the Herder Model 1017 is not only one of the most sought after of all the Third Reich Swords, but is one of the most ornate.  The hilt is solid brass having the bronze appearance!  Love that look!  The entire hilt is adorned with swirls and curls with the Lionhead appearing to be of an Oriental design.  This piece is the style without the red glass eyes.  The “P” guard and backstrap display minimal wear/age.  The languet portrays a closed winged eagle that clutches a swastika and is NOT contained within a wreath.  The quillon ends in the same swirl and curl design as the remainder of the hilt.  The black celluloid grip is in perfect condition being tightly wrapped with a single strand of springy aluminum wire.  The blade measures 30.5” in overall length, being the non-plated variety.  The edges and tip are crisp and sharp!  Very nice!  The blade has a matte appearance showing very minor smudging in a few areas that I believe can be cleaned, but NO guarantees.  The ricasso areas are void of any maker’s mark; however, this is definitely a Herder-produced piece!  The scabbard shell has sustained one hit on the obverse side and a few very tiny “taps” to the reverse side.  The original paint is stunning, grading at least 98% remaining bright and shiny throughout.  A VERY RARE sword that is a MUST for the serious sword collector!  Excellent.

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