Police Officer’s Degen by Peter Daniel Krebs

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Police Officer’s Degen by Peter Daniel Krebs - The nickel plated hilt fittings are extremely nice, showing almost no wear/age. The Officer style pommel cap is completely crisp throughout its fluted edge top.  The ferrule is nicely matched to the condition and look of the other hilts parts and features standing oak leaves with alternating acorns.  The acorn caps are nicely embellished.  The quillon teardrop end exhibits the slight decorative partial drilling.  Remarkably, the edges of the hilt and the “D” guard are also crisp. There are some sharp abrasions/nicks on the "D" guard which we shall show you in the photos. The lower portion of the hilt is clearly stamped with the SS proofing. The proper white leather buffer is intact. The ebony grip is the fourteen-section variety, showing minor highlight wear to the black finish.  It is wrapped with nickel wire.  The finely detailed Police eagle insignia is the copper style, showing faint wear to the wreathed eagle and the wreathed, raised-out swastika. This example is complete with a handsome black and silver sword knot, which is referred to as the generic SS Officer's knot. It is in excellent shape and properly tied. The matte-finished blade retains crisp edges and tip.  The reverse ricasso is stamped with the firm’s name and location (PET.DAN.KREBS. SOLINGEN).  Inside is the Crab logo with great detail! The scabbard is as straight as an arrow, with beautiful bright black paint, rating 98%.  The proper Police Officer scabbard fittings are the nickel plated variety, with a good percentage of the burnishing to the background.  The upper fitting shows no wear/age, while the lower one has age and minor spotting.  The throat is beautifully SS proofed and is mounted via two dome head obverse and reverse mounted screws that exhibit no signs of ever being turned.  The lower fitting is pressed on, as is always the case with this maker. Excellent example and frankly one of the nicest one we've ever owned