Army Officer’s Lionhead Sword with Two National Emblems Unattributed Model by WKC

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SCARCE Army Officer’s Lionhead Sword with Two National Emblems Unattributed Model by WKC-This RARELY seen sword is out of my personal collection!  The hilt pattern is an exact match to the unknown Voos pattern Lionhead sword illustrated in the Angolia Sword Book, page 128, upper left.  What makes this sword so unique is that fact that the blade is marked WKC!  The only explanation that I can proffer is that WKC purchased the hilt from Voos or Voos purchased the blade from WKC!  By the way, if you’re thinking that maybe the original owner had the sword re-hilted as a further possibility, I hate to burst your bubble, but it definitely has NOT been re-hilted!  The hilt is a high quality solid brass base with hand-enhancing throughout with approximately 60% of the original gilding intact.  The details to the Lionhead are outstanding!  The whiskers, brow and mane hair all reflect lots of hand-enhancing.  The feline face is fitted with two beautiful blood-red glass eyes.  The mane extends down a portion of the back strap with the last two-thirds housing an empty cameo bordered by four hand-enhanced oak leaves.  The P-guard centers on a raised-out, closed winged Wehrmacht eagle clutching a swastika with the eagle being flanked by oak leaves (Angolia Sword Book, page 126, upper).  BEAUTIFUL!  The black celluloid grip is mint!  It is tightly wrapped with triple brass wire with the center strand being twisted.  The crossguard languet features an open winged eagle in an art deco style.  On either side of the swastika wreath is a single oak leaf.  The quillon end design is a series of floral-like swirls.  The massive 34” long blade is bright and shiny, grading strong excellent.  There are the normal in and out marks in addition to faint scratching, which is common on Third Reich Swords.  The spine is hit-free, while the blade edge and tip exhibit some minor nicks.  The obverse ricasso is stamped with the WKC Knighthead logo with the company initials appearing directly below W.K.C.  The scabbard shell has numerous tiny hits to both sides with a more substantial hit appearing to the reverse side.  The black paint rates 85% and is a post-war repaint.  A very fine example of a much in demand pattern sword!  Very good.