Army Calvary Officer’s Sword with Triple Engraved Blade

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Army Calvary Officer’s Sword with Triple Engraved Blade by WKC- This is maker marked WKC, and is an outstanding example missing from most sword collections. The highly detailed “P” guard hilt is the lion head with red glass eyes. The cross guard has crossed sabers on the obverse langet and a well-defined coat of arms on the reverse langet. The cross guard itself has a lion head at one end. The black triple wire wrapped celluloid grip is perfect. The black painted scabbard retains 90% of its original paint. The best is yet to come; this has a superlative triple engraved blade with patriotic motifs throughout. It truly is a sight to behold. Complete with its original properly tied leather officer’s knot. This was something carried by a proud German Army Calvary Officer. Overall condition is excellent.