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Incredible as it seems, MAX  XXX has come and gone! I do not want this to sound like the same old record being played over and over but I shall continue to use the same format as before because you guys seem to appreciate that. This was my 30th annual crusade as I’ve never missed one. I wonder how many out there can make that claim. I did ask Tom Johnson and Ron Weinand that question. They weren’t  sure(how could they be?) but we all concluded that the number would  be under 100 and the number will be dwindling as time passes.

This is the sixth year in this Same Location and I do hope we are here to stay. I know for a fact that we’ll return again in early October 2015 to the same site. The “Circus Maximus” has traveled to St. Louis, Baltimore, Monroeville,  Charlotte,  Indianapolis and now back to the new facility in Monroeville, PA.  I believe everyone will agree with me that this is BY FAR the best hall (especially if you were in the front hall) of any location we have ever been in. The lighting is very good, the aisles spacious and the concrete floors were not too bad on your feet. The location was easy to find and  the parking was plentiful and free. There are numerous hotels and restaurants within striking distance. The Doubletree Hotel has reopened right next door and it was convenient and not overly expensive.  Also,  there are numerous other less expensive hotels in the area  and the airport in Pittsburgh is not that far away.

Once again the entire Staff of MAX Promotions was friendly and cooperative and deserve a big pat on the back for a job well done! I felt from start to the finish that they were in our court and went out of their way to make this a good experience, not only for the dealers who filled the tables at the Convention Center to near capacity, but also the public who did attend. We had an 11 hour drive from Massachusetts due to rain, traffic and construction  but  made it back in a little over 10 hours.  Overall,   our  journey was without event.

Our hats are off  to the Toms…senior,  junior and LT. Col. , Rob, Dean, etc…. I have never missed a MAX Show in the 30 years since it started and have every intention of continuing to support this show as it is still a vital part of the hobby.

Attendance was, once again light but I think it was better than last year.  Friday was the busier of the two days. On Saturday, some dealers began to bail out by noon. Attendance is where the MAX needs to improve.  I know the people who did come were pleased by the variety and quantity of the items being offered. I had a number of collectors show me items they bought at this MAX Show that really were bargains! Many times attendees said they were able to pick up an item for their collection. It was certainly easy to walk around. The light traffic gave me the opportunity to spend a little extra time with collectors, so it turned out to be beneficial from that standpoint. There were some young people including a trio from Portland, OR. who were attending their very first MAX show. To them, it was like being at a super Walmart of the Third Reich.

Sales were brisk and on a par with the last few years! Once again, thanks to the beauty of the internet, several of my customers asked me to bring items to the show. This certainly helped.  It was great to see a number of my customers, and meet a few new ones. The Russians and Czechs were once again there in abundance and love the bargains. Language is a bit of a barrier but they sure know what you say when you are talking numbers

Purchases were also decent. Once again, even though I honestly did not have the time to wander the aisles at all, I did manage to get myself in trouble on a few occasions. I was selective in what I bought but there is plenty that you will see with upcoming updates on the site, so stay tuned!

My Staff consisted of the always present Dave MacKinnon, as well as my son Patrick, now a seasoned veteran of his forth MAX Show. We brought along my staff photographer, Jeff Demers ( ), his third MAX show. If you are looking for a professional photographer to shoot one piece or your entire collection for a very reasonable rate, please contact Jeff. He brings new meaning to “Have camera, will travel!”. Just take a look at the photos on my website to see what I mean. My good pal and other step-son and Kevin Bourgeois rounded out the Ruptured Duck team. Be sure to scope out the variety of pictures we snapped during our weekend. 

Be sure to check out our photos from the show!


The Ruptured Duck is a family-owned and operated on-line mail order business. We deal in all types of authentic German, Japanese, and American military memorabilia from the WWI and WWII periods. Every item we sell is guaranteed for life to be original, having been produced in the period prior to May of 1945.  Our staff has over six decades of experience buying, selling, appraising, consulting and collecting the souvenirs from that very important period of American history. We deal in many different items, including but not limited to helmets, uniforms, headgear, medals, flags, edged weapons, field gear and belt buckles.

If you do not see an item you have been searching for, please feel free to email Bill at, or Patrick at, or give us a call at (978) 928-4495. We would be happy to let you know if we have it, as there are many more items in our inventory than what you see listed here.

Call our 24 hour hotline for ordering only: (978) 928-4158 and our fax is (978) 928-5278

For ease of use, we invite you to create an account. You can always shop as a guest if you’d prefer! We would also like to invite you to browse through our store. Shop with confidence knowing that you are dealing with an experienced, reputable company that is here for you! A militaria show schedule is posted here on the site, a few of which we attend. Come on out to one and say hi, we would love to meet you!

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HG-41 Choice Allgemeine SS Officer Visor Cap HG-46a MEGA SCARCE SS Verfügungstruppe Enlisted Ranks Visor Cap C-480b SCARCE Waffen SS Obergruppenführer Shoulder Board Set
HG-41 Choice Allgemeine SS Officer Visor CapHG-46a MEGA SCARCE SS Verfügungstruppe Enlisted Ranks Visor Cap C-480b SCARCE Waffen SS Obergruppenführer Shoulder Board Set

This is the one! An absolutely fantastic example. This incredible offering is produced in a black tricot weave wool that is almost flawless, and I am being picky pointing out the absolutely trace amount of tracking on the top panel. The peak is...

MEGA SCARCE SS Verfügungstruppe Enlisted Ranks Visor Cap With Cloth Bill- The SS-Verfügungstruppe (SS-VT) was formed in 1934 as combat troops for the NSDAP. By 1940 these military SS units had become the nucleus of the Waffen SS. They...

Yes, that is right, a real set of SS Gruppenführer boards! These are produced with a braid of toned gold and silver flat wire. There is minor wear and discoloration. The underlay is light gray badge cloth which also has wear and...




F-250b SS Zeltbahn C-951d RAD Other Ranks Cap Insignia S-077 One-Of-A-Kind Painting of Luftwaffe “General Göring: Off.
F-250b SS ZeltbahnC-951d RAD Other Ranks Cap InsigniaS-077 One-Of-A-Kind Painting of Luftwaffe “General Göring: Off.
This example is for use by the SS and features a reversible oak leaf camouflage pattern. The majority is oak leaf pattern 5, with pattern 6 seen used for the flap at the slot in the middle. There is only minor wear from use, this is a very clean...

This one has been removed from a cap. It is machine woven with minor discoloration only. Above average condition!


Amazing, One-Of-A-Kind Painting of Luftwaffe “General Göring” Officer (KIA) -This fantastic, hand painted portrait was most likely done by the family of this Luftwaffe 2 nd lieutenant after he was killed in action in 1941. His...




E-112  Late-Period Government Official’s Dagger by Alcoso M-348a Deutsches Feld-Ehrenzeichen (German Field Honor Badge) C-491a Waffen SS Enlisted Rank Single Shoulder Board
E-112 Late-Period Government Official’s Dagger by AlcosoM-348a Deutsches Feld-Ehrenzeichen (German Field Honor Badge)C-491a Waffen SS Enlisted Rank Single Shoulder Board

This dagger was purchased as part of a small dagger collection! There is a nice look to the entire dagger, having a mixture of original factory lacquer and a dark and light patina. Beautiful! The hilt eagle head exhibits minor carrying time to...

This is the pin back version of the award. It is very handsome, with burnished starburst background. There is a white enameled cross with gilt crossed swords through the arms of the cross. A soldier in full field gear is seen as the central...

This example is produced in black badge cloth that is excellent with just slight wear. The strap is black as well, and the backing is field gray. The piping is yellow, indicating this was used by signals personnel. A great piece! $200.00